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Exit Strategy Planning

Exit Strategy Planning in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska

Limestone bookkeepers help businesses prepare for every contingency with exit strategy planning. Every business in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska should have an exit strategy.

An exit strategy is commonly thought of as a contingency plan that can be executed when one or more several predetermined criteria have been met or exceeded. Sometimes a business owner may choose to exit an under-performing investment or one that is not generating profits. Sometimes a business may execute its exit strategy (or a department or product line) once a profit objective has been meet. Other reasons might include things like a change in market conditions, health issue, divorce, estate planning, lawsuits, or simply that the owner is retiring and wants to cash out.

Business owners today have several ways to exit their businesses: private sales, management buyouts, employee buyouts, employee stock ownership plans, private equity groups, or gift to a family member.

Limestone helps with exit strategy planning for companies across South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Contact us today for a free exit strategy planning consultation.

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