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Business Process Documentation

Business Process Documentation in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska

Limestone bookkeepers have been doing business process documentation for businesses in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska for years. Process documentation allows us to take a process that you commonly use in your business and put it onto paper in a clear and concise way to enable your employees to see and reference a multi-step process all in one place. Because of our years of experience, we often find ways to improve the process itself. Businesses commonly document the process of tracking work orders through their doors-from the initial work order itself to the fulfillment to the shipping, receivables, and bank deposit associated with the sales order. A good process document will help streamline processes and eliminate errors. Process documents can be in the form of a spreadsheet, word document, or more commonly a flow chart showing steps, staff, and a timeline.

Limestone performs business process documentation for companies across South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Contact us today for a free business process documentation consultation.

Business Mapping Guide & Tools

Almost any small business or organization struggles with their processes. There is no one-size-fits-all template, software, or guide. Our business process documentation, or business mapping, can help define business processes and how to improve them. We will take the pain out of creating standardized processes, and help with implementing our recommendations. We want to serve as a guide for business mapping in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Our tools will help get a handle on what is making the business work, as well as modeling what can make it work better.

Business Process Documentation Best Practices

Without clearly defined processes, people within an organization do not understand their role and how it fits into the bigger picture. A sample of business process documentation we have done shows standardized processes that make companies more efficient and profitable. If simple routines are taking too long, process mapping could help. When a business completes our process mapping, they will have a clearly defined plan laid out to improve almost every aspect of their business operations.

Effective Business Process Discovery

When a business works with Limestone in Sioux Falls, Yankton or Brookings, we go through a discovery process. In addition to asking simple questions relating to role and task completion, we dig deeper to provide organizational insight and solutions. The final outcome is a process improvement initiative that is actionable.

Exceptions to Normal Business Processes

As we go through the steps for business process documentation, we will ask a lot of questions:

  • What are exceptions to normal practices?
  • Why do they happen?
  • How often do exceptions or special circumstances come up?
  • What happens then?
  • How are they resolved, and how much time is involved?
  • What ideas have you tried in fixing the business procedure?

Competing Priorities Within A Business

Often conflicting priorities can make a business inefficient or unprofitable. If there is one position or person who is causing a disruption of workflow through the business, we may ask the following questions:

  • What other tasks do you regularly perform?
  • How much work are you asked to complete daily?
  • How are you tracking all the tasks that are completed?
  • What is the oldest task on your to-do list?
  • Why is it still there?
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